CMU in Space - Fall 2022 Edition

Tepper Graduates,

Let's talk about space. Keep reading if you want to learn about, get involved with, or apply to the space industry right here at CMU. If you missed our Bootcamp, check out the deck here.

In this newsletter, we'll cover the latest space news and upcoming events. If you're a member, we'll walk you through how you can get involved with the space projects at the Robotics Institute, job openings at Blue Origin, our Junior Board, and the STARS Discord.

If you're not a member, what are you doing? Here's the link. Headlines

  • Blue Origin Rocket Failure seconds into launch

  • Apple's iPhone Satellite Service Kicks Off Smartphone Space Race

  • T-Mobile Takes Coverage Above and Beyond with SpaceX

  • Artemis 1 Launch Plans Slip Again

There's so much going on in the industry. A couple of newsletters we recommend subscribing to are: Payload & SpaceNews

Upcoming Events

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Earth using Geospatial Imaging (NVIDIA GTC)

  • NASA Space Apps 2022 - Largest Space Hackathon in the world

  • An Inside Look at Boeing and its Controversies: Meet Former Exec, Bob Gower

  • Astrobotic Tour (Members Only)

Get involved and make connections in the space industry by checking out our events. Register above!

Stay tuned for additional events. We'll be publishing many more in the coming weeks, including our annual Space Innovation Case Competition, and a talk by Yonatan Winetraub, the founder of SpaceIL. We'll also be releasing details for our in-person Seattle Trek (members only) this Fall break shortly.

Get Certified

  • Online Course: Build Tech Skills for Space Exploration

  • Book: Space is Open for Business: The Industry That Can Transform Humanity

  • CMU Course: Space Robotics - 16861

There's a lot of courses out there to make yourself stand out within the industry. The space industry is extremely technical, and it will never hurt to upskill yourself while you're in b-school.


Again, if you're not a member, here's the link to join.

Jobs @ Blue Origin

  • Blue Origin - Business Rotational Program MBA Full-Time

  • Blue Origin - Strategy, Corp. Dev. And Finance MBA Intern

  • Blue Origin - Supply Chain MBA Intern

Blue Origin is actively recruiting. The BRP program is a full-time position that consists of (4) six month rotations through different business units and is a great opportunity to explore different functional areas of the industry while utilizing some of the skills you've picked up in b-school. The committee is hoping to fill the spots by November!

If you're interested and you're a STARS member, let us know, and we will connect you with Tepper Alumni at Blue Origin in the case you have any questions.

CMU Space Initiatives

Carnegie Mellon is now the top university in the robot race to the Moon. CMU Moonshot is looking to build its team that's trying to put 3 rovers on the Moon in the next 5 years. A lot of work needs to be done, and that's why both Iris & MoonRanger are recruiting MBAs (1st & 2nd years) from STARS to help out.

  • Iris, the first American mobile robot on the Moon and first university rover from anywhere, is on its lander and looking for mission support for our December 2022 flight.

  • MoonRanger, the first autonomous lunar rover, is looking for support prior to our November 2022 NASA Acceptance Review.

  • PrismRanger, CMU's newest venture, is looking for members of all skills and interests to help prep for upcoming mission proposals exploring some of the Moon's greatest mysteries.

If you're looking for an opportunity to exercise your business skills in a technical environment, meet incredibly smart students from schools outside of Tepper, and/or get involved in a project that lets you say "I helped launch a robot to the Moon", look no further.

Email Rohil Bhargava ( with your resume and the position you're interested in (see list below) if you'd like to apply or simply learn more. The roles we are recruiting for are below:

  • Business Development / Corporate Sponsorships: Work across teams including the Moonshot, SCS Corporate Relations, and CMU Fundraising teams to define corporate sponsorship deals that fund space projects at CMU (e.g., CMU Mission Control). Support finding and securing corporate sponsorship deals. Work with alumni to raise money through alumni gifts (e.g., crowdfunding campaigns - recent projects include the CMU Mission Control & Iris Moonshot crowdfunding campaigns).

  • Product Management: Online Retail Store: Manage Moonshot's swag & artifacts websites. Set the pricing strategy, introduce new products on the website, and engage with customers regularly. Grow the store's revenue. Current merchandise includes t-shirts, hats, 3D printed models of lunar rovers, patches, etc. (All profits are donated back into the space program @ CMU).

  • Digital Marketing: Manage social media accounts and make regular posts promoting the space program @ CMU. Lead social media partnerships / collaborations within the school and outside within the space/science-related influencer space. Design & manage Moonshot's website.

  • Technical Writing & Public Relations: Interview Moonshot team members about their projects and write blogs (or other content pieces) about the space program @ CMU. Market these blogs across social media channels with Digital Marketing, and work with Aaron Auperlee to write Press Releases for major milestones reached for Moonshot.

The below image shows MoonRanger @ CMU Planetary Robotics. The balloon attached to the rover helps simulate the Moon's gravity.

E-mail Rohil Bhargava ( if you're a STARS member and are not part of the Discord, or if you're interested in becoming a Junior Board member. Junior Board members have a unique opportunity to build a strong network within the space industry, and gain leadership skills by planning Tepper's coolest space events.


Your STARS Board (Rohil Bhargava, Bobby Gower, Ben Mangefrida, Takafumi Shimazaki, Jason DiVenere, Jennifer MacDonald, Michelle Fremuth)

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