The 5th Annual Space Innovation Challenge concluded on 11/6/2021.

Thank you to all those who participated and congratulations to the top teams:


First Place: Teppernauts

Self-cleaning solar panels to mitigate dust accumulation

Sam Campbell, Jason DiVenere, Michelle Fremuth, Shilpa Jais-Stewart, Jen MacDonald


Second Place (tied): Team MIT

A garage on the Moon that provides battery recharge and thermal control for lunar rovers

Fiona Gouthro, Eduardo Maristany, Cormac O'Neill, Jenn Pandolf, Andrew Schroeder


Second Place (tied): Infrastellar

Standardizing lunar terrain for energy infrastructure development

Matthew Feldman, John Harrington, Ryan Lee, Alex Pletta, Russell Wong

Prompt: Develop a proposal for a new business that will provide a solution for a power supply or sustainability challenge that the space industry faces today. Your recommendation should include

a clear outline of the problem being solved along with the technical and commercial viability of

your solution. The most important part of this problem solving process is to think creatively and

have fun with your ideas!

A special thank you to our sponsors and judges for making this a successful event. The 6th

Annual Space Innovation Challenge will be planned for next school year with info coming

early next fall.

The Space Innovation Challenge is a graduate-level case competition that helps you make an impact, meet new friends across campus and from other top universities, and mingle with leaders of the new space industry. The case prompt will go live on October 31st and you'll have all week to develop solutions to a space-themed business problem for the event. The following Saturday, teams will pitch their solution to a team of leading professionals in the new space industry, which will be followed by a networking event with industry leaders.


  1. Pitch to industry leaders and make high-profile professional contacts

  2. Expand your network with students from other CMU schools and other leading universities

  3. Your idea might get funded by the companies in attendance

  4. Registration is free, so why not?




Following the innovation challenge there will be a networking social between the participants, sponsors, and judges. In addition, we will share your resumes with the judges and sponsors as a part of this case competition.


The Space Innovation Challenge offers space companies the opportunity to hear creative ideas from the brightest minds at Carnegie Mellon University and other leading universities. Sponsorship allows your company to connect with the space talent of tomorrow. For additional information on sponsorship levels, email Ben Mangefrida at


2020: Teppernauts

Sam Campbell, Jason DiVenere, Michelle Fremuth, Vivek Jayaprakasan, Ruben Tavakalov

2019: Moon Unit Zappa

Keegan Borig, Clare Callahan, Prashant Jayaraman, Prakarsh Yadav

2018: Cosmic Computing

Kyle Marinelli, Sara Megbel, Lisha Prakash, Vaibhav Viswanathan

2017: Deep Orbital Recycler (DOR)

Shubham Agarwal, Shane Gorth, Tejas Khot, Katarzyna Olszewska, Arun Ramasami